Is Paul Ciancia Really Anti-Government?

Conspiracy theories aside, is Paul Anthony Ciancia really the anti-government murderer that law enforcement officials and the mainstream media say he is?

Its easy for some to argue that Mr. Ciancia is a government patsy that was brainwashed by covert government operatives in a grand scheme to take away certain rights and liberties we seem to enjoy. However, I just want to look at the information we have been provided about Paul Ciancia at face value.

According to the FBI, Ciancia wanted to “instill fear into their (TSA employees) traitorous minds.” This information was included in a signed, handwritten note found on Mr. Ciancia’s person. It must also be duly noted that in that same note, Ciancia said that he came to this very dark conclusion “consciously.”

I wonder did it ever occur to Mr. Ciancia, who himself was unemployed, that the people working for TSA are average American citizens that are just trying to make a living for themselves and their families. If the government, TSA and the Department of Homeland Security included, were the real targets, then why shoot defenseless airport security checkpoint screeners?

His alleged actions did not, and will not, harm the U.S. Government or any high ranking officials at the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the TSA. The only people that will be affected by this tragedy are the family members of Gerardo I. Hernandez, the other wounded individuals, and the hundreds of people that had to witness the gruesome event as it unfolded. Not to mention the millions of American citizens that will have to endure whatever public policy that arises as a result of Ciancia’s alleged shooting spree.

American citizens will be left to foot the bill when the Department of Homeland Security is “forced” to increase their budget because airport security has already been beefed up at major hubs throughout the country. And at some point, those same American citizens will be left feeling helpless when new laws are passed that may further infringe on the very rights that Mr. Ciancia thought the U.S. Government was already violating.

In summation, acts of anti-government violence like the one executed at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on November 1, 2013 do nothing by way of harm to the intended target (the U.S. Government). All they do is ruin the lives of mothers, fathers, sons and daughters of this great nation, with the vast majority of them holding no official position within the U.S. Government.


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