Cuzzy Capone, Lyrical Heavyweight

Since his standout verse on Nipsey Hussle’s “The Weather” featuring Rick Ross, Cuzzy Capone is finally getting the recognition he so greatly deserves. Its funny because as I was writing and preparing my article for publication, I saw that XXL ran a breakout feature on Young Cuzz just three days ago. And I’m sure that as the days and weeks pass by, he will be receiving more than his fair share of press coverage.

My first exposure to the lyrical mastery of Cuzz Holiday was via YouTube, and the Slauson Boyz song “Bangin’.” Lines like “they got it fucked up thinking I can’t dance, Young Reggie Bush with the rock in his pants. And trust me, its nothing new, I’m just defending my corner. Young Deion in the playoffs, you niggas is goners,” had me immediately thinking he was the realest dude in their camp. Not taking anything away from the rest of the Slauson Boyz, because I’m sure they all are who they say they are; however, Cuzzy was the most believable.To me, he was the clear leader of the pack. The passion in his voice, coupled with his clear delivery and uncommon wordplay, has created a recipe for success.

After initially hearing “Bangin’,” I searched for songs where Cuzzy was on the same track as Nipsey Hussle to see if there would be any drop off in his flow when paired with the more popular Hussle. Not only was there no drop off, Capone actually stepped it up a notch to the point of, in my mind, sparking debate as to who had the better verses.

Now, as 2014 approaches, the weather is definitely changing for the 32 year old rapper from Los Angeles, CA. Fans and critics alike are beginning to speak on Cuzzy Capone separately from longtime friend and collaborator Nipsey Hussle. And, there is a lot of chatter, rightfully so, that he had the best verse on “The Weather.” Whether you believe that or not, is up to you to decide. However, know for a fact that God truly does have a plan for Cuzzy Capone. Keep Rolling!

One of my favorite Cuzzy Capone videos.

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  1. Cuzzy Capone is definitely up next out his camp! He proved that to be true on his latest release Palmtree Music(mix tape) after hearing that project and full body of work from him I was beyond convinced that he is ready NOW! Not everyone is made for this rap sh.., but Cuzzy Capone clearly IS.. and I’m glad he is finally starting to get his recognition! I been following his work since day one!

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