Dr. Dre Will Be First Hip Hop Billionaire

With the launch of Beats Music in 2014, Dr. Dre, born Andre Romelle Young, is positioning himself to be the first hip hop billionaire. To me, this will be as big as the Obama presidency to the hip hop generation because it will show young urban and suburban youth that identify with the culture that one of their own has truly made it.

Also, hopefully, it will show those same youth and young adults that vodka and urban clothing aren’t necessarily the way to reach a ten figure payday. What Dre is doing with the headphones and now the streaming music service is proving that technological entrepreneurship is not just a nerd thing, and that the cool kids don’t have to be just end users anymore.

I read a Mark Zuckerberg interview around the time The Social Network  premiered and he said something to the effect that he hoped the publicity from the movie drove more kids into math, technology and programming. Well someone get Aaron Sorkin and Jimmy Iovine together so that they can get the Dr. Dre biopic done because that will definitely do the trick. Seriously, lets put Dre’s negative past behind him (hint to conservatives and haters), as everyone makes mistakes, and rally behind him on this major power move. Can someone say IPO? Not if, but when Beats goes public, Dr. Dre will join the Billionaire’s club.

I hope Kanye West is on the phone trying to get a meeting with Dre instead of the fashion moguls who wont give him the time of day because Kanye my friend, one of your idols is about 18-24 months away from $1,000,000,000. Where does hip hop go from there? You decide.

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