Actors Playing Their Part

Is there someone or multiple people in your life that seem to never have anything positive to say? Is there someone or multiple in your life that seemingly try to hold you back? Maybe its a family member, a boss, a friend or even a perfect stranger. Think, and reflect intently.  As you reflect, see that person or those people, and see how their actions affect you.

Do they make you upset? Do they make you feel less than who you truly are? Do they make you dislike what you otherwise enjoy doing? We have all experienced it. We have all witnessed it. A common term for this type of person is a hater. Also, this type of person can be called a bitch, a dick, an asshole, an annoyance, etc. However, lets take a moment to call this person what they rightfully are, an actor. Yes, an actor.

The first step in ridding the influence this type of person has on your life is doing what the great Dr. King once said, “change the language.” Once you change the language, you then change the perception. By changing the perception, this type of person immediately goes from being the villain to being your servant. Serving your needs in life, with the primary service being helping you to improve as a person.

Forgive them as they know not what they do. We’ve all heard that before, right? Subconsciously, that is further from the truth than one dollar is from one million. Because although we set ourselves on autopilot at times, our main goal in life is self improvement. Self improvement rears itself in many forms, one of them being the actors that come into our lives.

You just got a new job today doing something you love to do, and you are all excited about being unemployed no more, plus the $40,000 a year, or more, they are paying you. Six months from now you hate the fucking job because Mallory who works directly with you is a bitch. She’s always complaining, talking about others, and behind your back she is secretly talking about you to others. To top it all off, you are doing a great job and none of your higher ups even notice. This leads to you wasting time venting to others about how horrible your job is. For some, this can even lead to mental and physical health issues because of stress and anxiety. That’s some serious shit.

When you look at Mallory as a hater or a bitch, you actually fuel her and her negative ways. The more negatively you look at her, the more negatively she acts. However, when you look at Mallory as just an actor with a small part to play in your movie called life, you then look at yourself and say, “how do I get better as a person?” Mallory will directly and indirectly provide the answers to you, and you can begin to rewrite your script. Actors such as Mallory represent some sort of adversity you need to overcome or some sort of message you need to hear. Its up to you to know that the focus of this production is you, not Mallory. You are the star, and she is just the supporting actor. Remember the star always wins, literally and figuratively.

This is not to say that you will completely rid yourself of actors like Mallory in your life, this is to say that you will have an easier time identifying the Mallory’s of your world. Furthermore, with each improvement you make upon yourself as a result of seeing actors like Mallory for who they are, the rewards will be greater.

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