Does the Music You Listen to Affect Your Health

Everyone listens to music and you have your favorite bands and songs because they speak to you and have meaning that you associate with your life.  Music has been studied for a long time to determine how it affects humans and how it impacts their health.  Your favorite song may be doing a lot more than just playing to your feelings and emotions because the right song can actually impact your health too.

Listening to Music Before Surgery
When you are getting ready to head into surgery, you are surely anxious and feeling a bit on edge.  Scientists say that listening to music can be more beneficial than taking a prescription anti-anxiety drug before an operation.  One study concluded that cortisol levels – a hormone that is associated with stress – and anxiety were both lower in patients who listened to some tunes before their surgical procedure.

Get Faster and More in Sync
When you exercise, you are doing something repetitively for a specific amount of time.  This is not something that most humans traditionally like to do because they become bored easily.  However, if you listen to music during a workout, energy efficiency and speed are increased and the body does not realize exactly how much effort is being used to do the exercise.  This means that you can exercise longer and that your body is getting more benefits from each step.

Improved Mental Health
You probably have a go-to song for days when you are feeling down and need a little pick me up.  Music therapy is a real thing and it is often used for those who suffer from a variety of different mental illnesses.  However, those who do not suffer from a mental illness can benefit too.  Music allows you to express things that you have difficulty talking about.  It can also evoke emotional responses and trigger buried memories so that you can free yourself from the feelings and thoughts that are holding you back.  Music is said to be more effective at both of these than talk therapy.

Listening to music is also a good way to relieve stress and clear the mind.  This allows to you focus better and boost your mood so that you want to be more productive.  It is soothing to listen to a favorite song because it takes your mind off what is causing you to feel anxious and stressed.

Physical Health Conditions
Many physical health conditions can benefit from music, including cancer, heart disease and respiratory conditions.  When you are listening to music, specifically songs that you truly love, pain is relieved, the heart rate becomes lower, anxiety is decreased and blood pressure is reduced.  All of these are necessary for an improved quality of life.  Music therapy is commonly used as a part of a pain management regimen.  Patients are asked to get into comfortable position and listen to music through headphones so that outside noises are not interrupting them.  For the majority of people, music can help to relieve some of their pain within a short period of time.

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