Treacle Cocktail

This Bacardi cocktail, created by Dick Bradsell, a well known London nightlife king, utilizes simple ingredients to create a light refreshing drink that’s great as an after work wind down. The Treacle is a contemporary take on the Old Fashioned cocktail.

Ingredients –

2 parts BACARDÍ 8 Años rum
1/2 tsps. fine white sugar
1 part freshly pressed apple juice
2 dashes of orange bitters
Orange zest (garnish)

Preparation -

Place the sugar and the bitters into a glass. Then use a bar spoon of BACARDÍ 8 Años rum to help dissolve the sugar. Next, add 2 ice cubes and one part of BACARDÍ 8 Años rum. Give it a stir and then add some more ice cubes and a second part of rum. Finally, pour in the apple juice, gently stir and serve with orange zest garnish.


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