The purest form of giving

“The purest form of giving is anonymous to anonymous, we gone make it there, I promise this.” – Jay-Z

Charity is the ultimate form of sacrifice. However, lots of people want to be rewarded for their charitable donations. That’s why we ask the the question, when is giving pure? Do you give to receive a deduction on your taxes? Or do you give to be recognized by your church or your community? If so, is that pure giving?

Everyday, I see people giving, especially men at the bar to reap the benefits of a young lady’s company in hopes of exchanging phone numbers or more. Is this giving pure, or is it giving with a motive? One would have to delve deep into the human psyche to know when one gives truly from the heart or when they give with something to gain.

Over the last year or so, I have been training myself to give without the slightest bit of return. Today, for example, I am at a bar and a young lady is still hurt from the breakup with an ex that happened over two months ago. As she talked to her friend, the bartender, I could see how one might attempt to take advantage of her and her situation. She sat one seat away from me, and I could have easily paid for her drinks and took all the credit for doing so. But I didn’t.

From the time I first started to overhear and pay attention to her story, I knew I was going to take care of her drinks; however, I didn’t want her to know. Now, some might be like, well what’s in it for you to pay for her drinks if she doesn’t know it was you doing so. Anonymity, I rebut.

The purpose of me paying for her drinks is not to gratify myself, it’s to gratify her. Like Rick Ross said in his classic song ‘Mafia Music’, “I just like to give.” That’s it, I just like to give. Yea, her friend, the bartender, might have told her it was me who took care of her alcoholic beverages, but I was long gone by the time she did.

I was just an anonymous person probably never to be seen again that did a good deed seeking nothing in return. Not a thank you, not a phone number, nothing. It’s funny because before I ever heard ‘Nickels and Dimes’ by Jay-Z, I read a book by Yehuda Berg, of the Kabbalah Centre, called ‘True Proesperity.’ And in that book it stated the same thing Jay-Z said, the highest or purest form of giving is anonymous.

To that young lady at the bar, I was anonymous. A gift from a stranger she never expected.

The next time you give, whether its to your church, your alma mater, a local community organization, etc., leave the forms blank or have someone else make the donation on your behalf. Be anonymous.

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