Behind the Bar – Barback Journal Volume 1

Today is the day I stop smoking. I’m not sure at what part of the day this will occur, but it will happen today. See, I’m not much of a smoker anyway, however, I have found myself smoking more and more as of late. Maybe it’s because I’m drinking more?

My current occupation is barback. For those that don’t know what a barback is, to sum it up, a barback is a fuck boy (or girl) for the bartenders at any given establishment that uses a barback. Naw, I won’t disrespect the craft like that, but a barback is the one that does most of the grunt work behind the bar. Setting up and breaking down the bar, changing kegs, washing glasses, restocking liquor, refilling ice bins and anything else the bartender or manager wants you to do.

I actually like my job, or should I say jobs. I barback at two prominent locations in the capital of Dixie. The first is Beer Bonanza, and the second is Rocky Mountain Summit. No, those are not the real names of the locations I barback at, its up to you to figure that out, but I will give a brief description of both that might make your job a little easier. Beer Bonanza is an upscale eatery that features more than 120 beers on tap and Rocky Mountain Summit is a breastaurant, similar to Hooters.

They are two very fundamentally different concepts. One, a corporate chain that was recently bought out by a billion dollar conglomerate. The other, a corporate chain that franchises out its locations based on regions. One, a no nonsense our way or no way establishment. The other, it’s supposed to be uniform but we’re not enforcing anything until the corporate auditors come to town.

As a rebel, and a man, you can guess which one I prefer. Anyway, as I sit here smoking a cigarette as I write this article, I realized how blessed I am. Four mornings out of the week, I get to spend six plus hours around scantly clad women with their titties out, not fully out, but you get the picture. Yes, I am a titty man.

With the exception of having to get up early every morning to be at work by 7:30 am, a time I rarely make, I absolutely love this job. The shit I see and hear on a daily basis is extraordinary. More on that in subsequent posts.

I make decent money, especially given the fact that over the past year I have learned to keep my expenses low. Therefore, I have been able to save over $1,000 in the past eight months. Not bad for someone that has never had any formal savings in his life. Could be more, but I can’t seem to stop splurging from time to time. Sometimes it’s on my children, sometimes it’s on myself. More so on my children than myself. I’m not the best father, however, I am getting better.

Anyway, lets get back to the cigarettes. This shit has got to stop. First of all, I really don’t like smoking. It just became a habit over the past 13 months. Secondly I owe it to my children to be here for them over the long run, healthy at that. Therefore, today’s the day. Damn, I just lit up another cigarette. Fuck it, I’m utilizing my Creator given will power and shutting this shit down today! My word.

Anyway, it’s 6:00 am and I have to be at work soon. I don’t have a car right now, so I have to catch a train by 7:17 am that will put me at Rocky Mountain Summit by 7:33 am. 7:44 actually because although I just ate less than 90 minutes ago, I will stop and get breakfast prior to clocking in. I will follow up this post when I get off work to keep you informed as to how my stop smoking pledge is going.

Hopefully, I will also have some funny shit to relay about my day at work. It’s my longest day of the week, approximately 10 hours. It’s Friday, and that’s just how Friday’s go.

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