Benefits of naturally alkaline water

Natural alkaline water is a type of water with a higher pH level than basic tap water.  This higher level of alkalinity is said to bring with it some major health benefits when you drink five glasses a day.  When you bring more alkaline into the body it works to balance out the acidity in the blood and this is believed to increase metabolism, energy and the level of oxygen in the blood.

Naturally alkaline water promises to detoxify
When acid wastes build up in your body, serious health consequences can occur and drinking this type of water is said to flush the acid wastes out of the body and neutralize the overall acidity of the body.  Toxins that accumulate due to lifestyle and the environment, such as prescription medications, wastes associated with the aging process and unnatural foods, can also be purged from the body when you drink this type of water.  The organs are also cleansed, specifically the colon, and this water will easily and safely ensure that all fecal material is passed out of the body.  This means that if you regularly experience constipation, drinking alkaline water can aid in eliminating it.  When the body does not have fecal material building up, you also tend to get sick less often and are at a lower risk for common illnesses like the common cold or the stomach flu.

Your will get more antioxidants
A good alkaline water is full of antioxidants so that your body can work harder to fight off harmful free radicals.  Free radical damage is neutralized and blocked because this type of water is able to give up electrons.  The free radicals are then transformed into energy so that your body can oxygenate the tissues and produce more energy.  When the body is an alkaline, oxygenated environment, illnesses and cancer cells are unable to thrive.  The antioxidants that are present in this type of water are in a liquid form and when something is in a liquid form, the body is better able to digest and process it.  This means that the benefits associated with the antioxidants will occur faster and will be noticeable.  For example, you will notice an improvement in your skin and many people report that they do not get sick as often.

This water benefits overall physical appearance
When you have toxins and wastes building up in the body it can age you faster than you should be aging and this will lead to your outward appearance not being what you want.  Alkaline water is also said to add additional hydration to the skin and contribute to greater skin elasticity.  Skin that is elastic is able to better withstand the effects of aging and it does not wrinkle or sag like skin that is lacking elasticity.  The skin appears smoother and you will have fewer blemishes because this water detoxifies and keeps the proper pH balance.  When combined with a healthy diet that includes all essential vitamins and minerals, the skin is getting what it needs to remain youthful and healthy.

This article was written by Rosemary Kitchen for Salary + Bonuses

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