Taking action and never looking back

One of the most fundamental steps to success is taking action. Motivational speakers like Napoleon Hill would say the predecessors to action are desire and faith. Financial magnate Warren Buffett has famously said on countless occasions that one of the most important factors in any investment opportunity for him is to know the business. Not necessarily to understand it, but to know it.

However, knowing something, having a desire for something or having faith in something is not merely enough. You have to act on it. More importantly, once you act upon it, you must never look back. People tend to place actions into two categories, right and wrong. In most instances, especially in the world of business, the only wrong action is inaction. Therefore, if you have a business idea or some extra cash to invest, and truly feel that your idea or investment will positively impact your life and the lives of those nearest and dearest to you, take action.

Once you take action, never look back. Some actions will lead to success, some will not. In either case, never stop acting and never look back and attempt to over analyze your actions because over the course of time, you will naturally see where adjustments need to be made in order to maximize your successful actions

Below are two videos featuring the philosophies of both Napoleon Hill and Warren Buffett.

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