How pimped the system distributed a press release stating their ads would run on Comcast, making them the “first” medical marijuana referral service to air ads on a major network. After getting their hands on this press release, the mainstream media ate this story up.

ABC, NBC (owned by Comcast), CNN, USA Today, Time and countless others were quick to point out that had a deal in place to run ads in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Chicago.

However, this is a classic case of mainstream media putting the cart before the horse. Because although met with Comcast and submitted their ad to Comcast, Comcast didn’t approve the ad to run. The ad never aired, and received millions of dollars in free publicity. Ingenious! knew their ad hadn’t received the thumbs up at the time their press release was distributed. And, Comcast’s spokesperson (Melissa Kennedy), who originally confirmed the ads would run, didn’t. Was this a simple mistake on behalf of the PR department at Comcast by not confirming the ad had indeed been approved? Or, did Kennedy jump the gun after seeing the attention this story was getting from the media?

Whatever the case, the clear winner here is

Below is the ad that never aired.

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