Justin Chatwin on Shameless finale

Season four of Showtime hit series, Shameless, just ended on the East Coast, and there was a surprise appearance at the end.

As Frank, the Gallagher patriarch, screams at Lake Michigan while taking a drink after his successful liver transplant, he passes the bottle to his second youngest son Carl. Carl takes a sip from the bottle and credits roll. Season four has ended, right?

Not so fast my friend (Lee Corso voice). Flash back to the Gallagher house, A luxury car enters the frame. A beautiful woman continuously asks a young man, whose face has not been revealed, is this the house. She finally asks if he will get out to go to the house, calling him Jack.

His face is revealed, and it is Justin Chatwin. Will Chatwin be returning to Shameless in season five? I hope so.

After being absent in all of but 15 seconds of season four, it appears that Shameless’ producers have found a way to write Chatwin back into the story. Lets hope his new angle fits well, as season four was one of the best seasons of the series.

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