Moses Montefiore Academy in Chicago chronicled by Vice

Dubbed as the Last Chance High, Moses Montefiore Academy is a therapeutic day school located in Chicago, IL, on the city’s West Side. It is the only therapeutic school in the Chicago Public School System. Therapeutic schools, such as Montefiore, offer at risk students an integrated academic environment that also includes psychological counseling.

In the video below, published by Vice Media, the viewer gets an inside look of some of the worst moments at Montefiore, featuring some of its worst students. Hey its entertainment, and it helps to shape the idea that Chicago is the worst place in America.

Over the past 20 years, the number of murder victims in Chicago has dropped by almost 50%. However, people still continue to call Chicago the murder capital of America. Even comparing our nation’s third largest city to some of the most dangerous war zones in the world, as evident by the city’s new nickname, Chiraq.

Lets not call Chicago the murder capital of America as sheer volume of homicide is no indicator of other statistics that may give a more accurate picture of what the true murder rate of a city is. However, for Chicago to have the most video surveillance of any city in America, 500+ murders in any given year is too high. You would think all the cameras would be a deterrent, obviously they are not.

There also has to be a connection made between the negative press the Windy City is receiving and its most famous resident, President Obama. To be very clear, Chicago would not be receiving all the unsavory attention it is if the current President of this nation were not a resident.

What the video does show, indirectly, is that educators have to do a better job of identifying destructive behaviors in children earlier. Waiting until a child is in his or her teens to provide therapeutic schooling may be too late for some.

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