Harpo confirms she wants to invest in Clippers

Oprah Winfrey, David Geffen and Larry Ellison are one of several groups expressing early interest in purchasing the Clippers when the NBA forces Donald Sterling to sell the team. It was evident at yesterday’s press conference where he, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, implied that selling the Clippers was the only option for Sterling.

Sterling, who ironically called his mistress a fighter during the controversial audio recordings that leaked over the weekend, is indeed a fighter himself. A former attorney, Sterling is expected to seek every loophole imaginable to prevent selling his team.

However, with sponsors still in limbo, awaiting the vote to oust Sterling, will his holdout be more costly or drive up the cost of the franchise even more, due to increased interest.

Besides the Harpo group, others who have expressed interest in the Clippers publicly are Floyd Mayweather, Oscar De La Hoya and Sean Combs. There has also been speculation that the Guggenheim Partners and Lakers minority owner Patrick Soon-Shiong are possible buyers.

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