Baby DJ Classes in Brooklyn

When I think of Brooklyn, a few names come to mind – Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Jackie Robinson, Paulie Malignaggi, etc., not Natalie Elizabeth Weiss. Weiss, a DJ and composer from Brooklyn, NY, is gaining popularity for her eight week baby DJ classes.

Nike Knows

The New Nike Knows Collection

Six days prior to Super Bowl XLVIII, Nike has released a new collection of shoes and apparel called Nike Knows. Themed after their extremely popular Bo Knows campaign that launched in the early 1990′s, Nike is seeking to take advantage of football’s last and most lucrative week before the off season. The collection includes four…


First Lady Photobomb

This is pretty hilarious. I saw this clip on SportsCenter and had to post to the site. First Lady Michelle Obama photobombs Dewayne Wade and Ray Allen as they are apparently filming a promo clip for when LeBron James appears behind them with a Nerf hoop similar to the one his sons used in…