Moses Montefiore therapeutic day school

Moses Montefiore Academy in Chicago chronicled by Vice

Dubbed as the Last Chance High, Moses Montefiore Academy is a therapeutic day school located in Chicago, IL, on the city’s West Side. It is the only therapeutic school in the Chicago Public School System. Therapeutic schools, such as Montefiore, offer at risk students an integrated academic environment that also includes psychological counseling.

Richard Jewell

R.I.P. Richard Allensworth Jewell

Almost 18 years ago, Richard Allensworth Jewell, working as a security for AT&T at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, GA, saved hundreds of lives as he helped evacuate a tower at Centennial Olympic Park less than 30 minutes before a lethal pipe bomb exploded. Although two people died and over 100 people were injured,…

Alleged LAX gunman Paul Ciancia

Is Paul Ciancia Really Anti-Government?

Conspiracy theories aside, is Paul Anthony Ciancia really the anti-government murderer that law enforcement officials and the mainstream media say he is? Its easy for some to argue that Mr. Ciancia is a government patsy that was brainwashed by covert government operatives in a grand scheme to take away certain rights and liberties we seem…