Margarita recipe

Classic Margarita

This margarita recipe is intended for a tall glass or 16 oz pint glass. The basic ingredients for this recipe include top shelf tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, homemade sour mix and kosher salt and a lime wedge to garnish.


Word of the Day: Mastermind

noun – A highly intelligent person; especially, one who plans and directs a project (American Heritage Dictionary). A person who originates or is primarily responsible for the execution of a particular idea, project, or the like (

Moses Montefiore therapeutic day school

Moses Montefiore Academy in Chicago chronicled by Vice

Dubbed as the Last Chance High, Moses Montefiore Academy is a therapeutic day school located in Chicago, IL, on the city’s West Side. It is the only therapeutic school in the Chicago Public School System. Therapeutic schools, such as Montefiore, offer at risk students an integrated academic environment that also includes psychological counseling.